One Act Plays

The Untimely Outing of Minty McGraw ... a black comedy for 4 males and 3 females

These days Minty McGraw’s life is defined by  serial failures. Can he have one shot at putting family failures right, with the help of partners in the failure business, Rummage Rafferty The Fidget and Tommy Nutcase McNulty? The odds ar not looking good, and when Bridie McGraw lays down the law about Minty’s place in the scheme of things, it seems like another failure is lining up. Yet Sandra, Minty’s daughter, presents a ray of hope, along with her new husband, Frankie, a man in search of connections to augment his wider family of one – that one being Babs, his mother. Never one to resist a gamble, Minty takes a risk. Can he succeed in doing one good thing? Will his misery be lifted by one happy episode? Anything is possible according to the wisdom of Rummage Rafferty, Minty’s right-hand man.

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Fusion ... a drama for 3 males and 2 females

Claire has invited her brother Steven and his partner, Louise for drinks in her suburban garden. Gary, her husband is not too happy about the arrangement. There is tension in the air from the moment the guests arrive. Claire’s cocktails and fusion cuisine do little to blend the unlikely ingredients of the evening into something which Steven finds palatable. When Joe, Claire and Steven’s father arrives, Steven makes it clear that this is one ingredient which just doesn’t fit into the mix as far as he’s concerned. The chemical reactions are explosive as old wounds open up and the reasons for the rift in a once happy family become evident. Emotions and tensions run high as the five very different characters are caught in a moment where past and present fuse. We are left wondering at the end if there is enough in the mix to allow the different elements to come together.

Winner of the Scott Salver 2012, awarded to the best original playscript entered in the Scottish Community Drama Assocation’s One-Act Play Writing Competition. First production won two trophies at the Ayrshire District One-Act Play Festival 2012. 

Waste Management ... a comedy drama for 2 males and 2 females

Linda and Danny bump into each other at a recycling area. They are at a clearing point in their relationship. The dynamic and spark in their relationship gives rise to some sharp humour, but underneath this they are struggling with the confusions, chaos and disappointments of life and gender role expectations. The casual and brief intervention of two strangers curiously helps them to focus, and in the end they have cleared enough space to move on.

First Production by Kirkton Players – Winner of District and Divisional Finals and runner-up at the Scottish Final of the SCDA One-Act Play Festival 2011.

Runner up in the Geoffrey Whitworth Playwriting Competition 2011.

Winner of Ayrshire, District, winner of Western Division and runner-up at the Scottish Final of the SCDA One-Act Festival 2014

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Made Up ... a comedy drama for 2 males and 2 females

Linda and Danny have a fragile relationship. They have recently made up after their latest split. Danny finds it difficult to hold down a job and settle down. In many ways he is a misfit because of his background. Linda is struggling to pull things together as she tries to accept that she is unlikely to become a mother. She needs Danny to sustain her – which he wants to do – but somehow he always ends up putting obstacles in the way. They each have difficulties with the outside world of employers and their life seems to go round in circles as the same patterns emerge. Funny, moving and with some clever word play exchanged between the couple, we are left wondering at the end if they will be able to capitalise on new opportunities or not.

This play is a stand-alone one-act play, but could also be performed as a sequel to the one-act play, ‘Waste Management’ which also  features Danny and Linda as the two main characters. A further option is to combine the two plays and present them as a full-length play in two acts.

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The Night I Danced with Cyd Charisse’ ..... a comedy drama for 3 males and 2 females

Three mechanics, each at different stages in their life, settle into their usual pattern of work on a typical Friday morning in a garage workshop. Their contrasting characters give rise to much comedy banter, but it soon becomes clear that they are all dealing with loneliness and each has his own individual relationship with the truth. The two women, who visit this male environment, couldn’t be more contrasting. They add to the humour, but they too have to confront their loneliness. It’s a poignant ending as this group of five disperse at the end of the morning.

First Production – Winner of four trophies in SCDA Festival 2010. 

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Reading copy available from author. Please contact if interested.